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Designing means shaping an idea and its presentation. Designing is the most basic but most important activity in marketing Designs make information attractive, appealing and noticeable. We provide services of web designing, content designing logo designing advert hoarding and promotional material.


This is our pioneer feild as we ourselves operating and managing India's First commuter's Channel - "M.P. Links". The feild of tele-marketing is ever growing as more and more people will be linked with television medium in the coming years. Already the medium is a powerful source of marketing and is used vigorously for selling products. We provide services of advertisement making providing slots on our channel (M.P. Links) and consultancy services regarding tele-marketing.

Online Marketing:

We are going forward with our online marketing project quite similar to the existing online marketing platforms but very different in actual concept and business model hopefully. We shall be launching the project soon.


This section is under Construction.

White TiGER Marketing Pvt.Ltd.

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