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Company profile:

White TiGER Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered under the Companies Registration Act-2013, on 20th day of February 2014. In a very short span of time the company has shown promising signs of growth. As a marketing company we render services of Designing that includes designing of publishing materials, advertisements, advert hoardings and website designing. Now we are entering into the field of telemarketing with our novel project M.P. Links. We are hopeful that we shall be able to proliferate this in the coming days as we believe in it. Moreover, we are also developing an online marketing web service which has already passed the planning phase and is into its development phase. Thus as marketing company we have self belief and plans to move ahead.

Our Vision:

As an organisation we see people as the most important entity. All those who work in our organisation, all those who give us work and last but not least all the those who are end users of our work our very important to us. Thus we see the market as an unlimited opportunity and are striving continuously to reach as many people as possible with every possible means. Keeping this in mind we are exploring every means of communication which is cheap for the service providers, effective for business and that has a great reach among the consumers. Marketing on television, radio and newspaper has always been an expensive option. Moreover nowadays advertising hoardings in prime positions are also becoming too expensive going out of the reach of the local businessman. Thus we aim to explore and establish novel mediums via which local businesses could be marketed, that are cheaper than existing mediums and have more penetration in the market.


Heading towards our envisioned alley we as an organisation have realised that for developing novel means of marketing and publicity, use of technology would be the biggest aid. Thus our organisation is structured with creative people with out of the box thinking attitude and are well supported by a technical team. Our own marketing wing works in co-ordination to both these teams and thus rendering our customers with supreme service with best possible offer.

White TiGER Marketing Pvt.Ltd.

Address: C-472, Sarvadharma, C-Sector, Kolar Road, Bhopal-462042 (M.P.)
Phone:0755 4011160